MAY  2022


Mission statements are everywhere.  It seems like every business, every non-profit, every church has one, including St. Peter’s.  However, mission statements aren’t intended to be just empty words of self-affirmation.  They are intended to set the tone, direction, and priorities of the organization.  

With May as Mental Health Awareness month, St. Peter’s mission of “Grow Grace. Live Hope. Serve Love.” is again a driving force in our ministry focus for the month.  We ended April and began May with an event to raise awareness toward a goal of zero suicide.   On May 7, we will host The Peer Connection as we hold an honest conversation about substance abuse and addiction.  May 14 takes us to our Community RISE walk where we raise awareness and support for mental wellness.   Finally, on June 11 we welcome the return of The Peer Connection and take a deep dive into the opioid crisis through the feature documentary “Tipping the Pain Scale.”  

In all these ministry opportunities we seek to invite, welcome, respect, and include all people in our mission and our ministry.  Those of our community who bear the weight of depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide. Those of our community who bear the weight of personal addiction, family addiction, or both.   Our mission to “Grow Grace. Live Hope. Serve Love.” seeks to share the grace we have received, live the hope of life and resurrection that is ours, and serve the God who is love by service to neighbor.  As a congregation we have a call and role to play in taking the healing and hope of Jesus to the community we are called to serve.  

The events of May are just a small part of the mission we share; but they are a vital and important part.  So, engage in this call to mission.  Show up on May 7 & 14.  Join us on June 11.  Be a part of God’s work through the ministry of St. Peter’s as together we “Grow Grace. Live Hope. Serve Love.” in this community and beyond.   

God’s Peace,

Pastor Greg