Hey, God, . . . I’m waiting And I’m losing patience! 

God answers prayer.  Absolutely, positively, unequivocally God answers prayer.  Every single, no exceptions, time God answers prayer.  

However, those of us who pray aren’t always the most patient, trusting, open, willing, listening types.  When we pray our prayer often consists of something resembling this: 

Prayer: Hey God, it’s me. I’ve got this thing on my mind and I’m here to pray about it.  

God: GREAT!  I’m here.  I’m listening. I have all the time you need.  I’m so glad you brought this to me.  Go ahead . . . .  

Prayer: We’ll here’s the situation . . . and here’s my solution.  So, Lord, I’d be most appreciative if you’d do your “holy thing” and implement my solution as soon as possible so that this situation might be resolved in a way that I recognize and like. Thanks for listening. Thanks in advance for the outcome I desire. Amen  

God:  Well, that’s quite a lot; and while I am REALLY GLAD you brought the situation to me, and I’m really happy to respond, keep in mind I love you unconditionally.  I have compassion for the situation you face.  While I always appreciate your prayers, your solutions are often a bit short sighted or don’t live into what I desire for you.  So, let me give you my solution . . . . 

Prayer: Hey God, I came to you with a situation and a solution.  I haven’t heard or seen any response, so I’m just checking back to see if you heard me the first time.  

God: It’s good to hear from you again my child, especially so soon.  And yes, I heard your prayer and have taken it to heart.  I have even given you a solution born of my own wisdom, my own compassion, my own heart.  

Prayer: HEY GOD, I’m waiting for some movement on that thing that I brought to you.  I even gave you a solution, a very common-sense solution that, frankly, isn’t even that hard.  I’d do it myself; but, I figure you’re in a better position to knock this thing out quickly so that I can get on with my life.  

God:  I sense some impatience in my child.  Keep in mind my ways are not your ways.  My wisdom is not your wisdom.  My perspective is not your perspective.  So, please, my child, trust ……  

Prayer: I knew this was a waste of time.  Either I don’t have your favor or you just don’t listen.  Now my patience is gone, my frustration is high, and I knew you wouldn’t answer if you even listen at all!  

God: Child, my beloved, I heard you.  I know you better than you know yourself.  I know your thoughts. I know your struggles. I know your hurts. I know your hopes.  I know what is best for you and have answered in the way I know best.  Remember my child: 

No, is an answer.            

Not now, is an answer. I am responding in a way that exceeds your expectations, sit back and watch my  wonders unfold, is an answer.

Yes, great plan, I’ll do it your way, is an answer.  

Indeed, the “problem with prayer” isn’t that God fails to listen, care, or answer.  The problem with prayer is that we often don’t listen or like God’s answer!  Often we have our mind so set on our ways that we fail to hear or accept God’s ways.  

We forget that prayer is more like a conversation with God than like a to-do-list for God.  In prayer we step into the realm of all that is holy, all that is pure, all that is right, all that is hope, all that is love, all that is true as we step into the very presence of God. Yet, sometimes we treat prayer more like a fast food drive through.  We place our order and then expect it to be handed to us hot, fresh, and quick.  

However, in spite of ourselves, God always listen, cares, and responds.  God always has the best for us in the divine heart.  God sees over the horizons of our own limited vision and knows the plans God holds for us.  We see only through the finite lens of the world in which we live, God knows and is the infinite and everlasting one that holds us in life beyond our finite view. In the God who is the beginning and the end, everlasting, immortal, and wise we are swept up and welcomed into the infinite promise of life with God.  

Despite our own impatience, God remains faithful (and patient) with we whom Jesus loves!  

So, let us pray.  Let us tell God what is on our mind and in our heart.  Let us listen to the voice of the one who never grows weary or tired of responding with love.  Let us know that God sees that which we cannot even imagine.  Let us trust that God’s love does and will sustain us, no matter what.  

Let us pray,

Good and gracious God, draw us again and again to your heart.  Draw us in prayer. Draw us in worship.  Draw us in by the power of your Holy Spirit that we might find our rest, our hope, and our trust in you.  You have not, and will not, ever forsake us.  You are faithful and you will never fail us. For your vision is greater than our own, your plans exceed our wildest imagination, your wisdom is that which knows no limit.  Teach us to trust and follow you, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray.  

God’s Peace, Pastor