APRIL  2022


I didn’t think much about the three envelopes we received in February.  They didn’t look like junk mail, nor did their outward appearance make them look important.  Since the return addresses were all Lutheran Churches in SC, I thought they might be a notification that either (1) members of St. Peter’s had worshiped there or (2) one of our members had moved and transferred.  Either way, nothing about them stood out.  

That is until I opened them and realized that they were notices from sister congregations that had prayed for us.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I read the short note and touched the signatures on each letter.  These siblings in Christ, from three different congregations, had prayed for St. Peter’s.  

These letters stood out not because they were eloquently written; instead, they stood out because they reminded me that we are not alone in this ministry.  We are a part of, united with, other congregations, persons, and lives in service to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I am reminded that in a world that seeks to divide, separate, and isolate us from God and one another the Holy Spirit is moving in, with, among, and through God’s people, binding us together.  As we move forward in our call to Grow Grace, Live Hope, Serve Love, we are reminded that we are not alone and that we are held in prayer.  

God’s Peace,