MARCH 2022

Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values  

In 2019 a group of St. Peter’s folks, commissioned by Council, were hard at work discerning how we might best describe who we are as a congregation.  Early in this discernment process all agreed that purpose, mission, vision, values should describe why we exist, what we are called to do, our hope for the future, and the core values we hold dear.  Together purpose, mission, vision, values is the driving engine behind every vital congregation.  They recognized that this engine of purpose, mission, vision, values, rooted in Scripture, should be easily communicated to all, while guiding the ministries of St. Peter’s.  

Finally, near the end of 2019, it all came together.  That driving force of purpose, mission, vision, values took shape and was ready for release to the whole congregation. Then COVID hit.  Everything stopped. The scramble to jump into online worship, Zoom meetings, and just staying safe kicked into high gear. The pause button was hit, as life as we know it ceased.  

Now, as we emerge from the looming threat of COVID, as we begin to live into this new season of God’s call to ministry; our purpose, mission, vision, values emerge as a driving force to power our ministry.  In this article I share the purpose, mission, vision, values as discerned in 2019.  In the coming weeks, I will “unpack” each of them in upcoming articles.  Finally, they will be incorporated into our Lenten discipline during worship.  

Purpose:   To be and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mission:    Grow grace. Live hope. Serve love.

Vision:       That all may encounter Jesus in who we are and in all that we do.

Values: ·         

  • Jesus, Son of God, is our Lord and Savior. ·        
  • We seek, invite, welcome, respect, and include all people. ·        
  •  As God’s stewards we share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure with the church and the world. ·        
  •  Accountable to God we support, encourage, and love one another as the body of Christ.  

I look forward to the ministry that God has in store for us as the people of St. Peter’s.  I look forward to working with each one of you as we do the work of Jesus in our community.  I am thankful for the gifts and talents that each of you bring as we move into God’s future together.  

God’s Peace,