Added May 17, 2023

Barbara Morley, sister-in-law of Robin Neidhardt

Added April 13, 2023

Aggie Freed

Added March 3, 2023

May C. Brown, sister of Rosezell Wright

Added February 8, 2023

Dan Kleissler, brother of Donna Pizzi

Added January 20, 2023

Robert Evanousky, family friend of Grace McClafferty

Added January 8, 2023

Garry Hanna's brother

Added January 5, 2023

Bill Geib, great-nephew of Bert Gable

Added November 30, 2022

Kelly and Matthew, friends of Donna Pizzi

Added September 27, 2022

Kathy Stemmler

Added May 11, 2022

Charles Mattocks, Jr.

Added March 22, 2022

Bobby Coker, friend of Judy Davis

Added March 9, 2022

Bill Gable, Jr., stepson of Bert Gable

Added February 7, 2022

Dave Yoder

Added January 29, 2022

Jeffrey Morley, brother of Robin Neidhardt

Added January 6, 2022

Florence Bradford, friend of Jim Laver

Frank Monk, friend of Tony Robinette

Added December 21, 2021

Makenna Rogerson, friend of Makayla Javoroski

Joe Roberts, father of Heather Javoroski

Added September 27, 2021

Nick Kopenkosky, son-in-law of Sherri Miller & Joe Heindlmeyer

Callahan Murphy Hare, great nephew of Tony &Teresa Robinette

Added September 23, 2021

Doug Anderson, spouse of Sallie Anderson

Added September 16, 2021

Sarah and Becky, friends of Pastor Greg and Vanita Martin 

Added August 11, 2021

William Shoup, spouse of Debbie Shoup 

Denise Kuharich, sister of Debbie Shoup