We're expecting you!
You belong here!

St. Peter's is a congregation of disciples from many places, many points of view, and many stages in life.  Yet having been called togther as the body of Christ, we seek and welcome all.

We know that it can sometimes be hard to walk through the doors of a congregation for the first time.  Don't worry...we've all been there and we know that it has the potential to feel a bit awkward.  So, perhaps we can answer some of your question in advance.

What is it like?

We are a come as you're able, leave as you must or just come and see kind of congregation.  While we follow a traditional Lutheran liturgy, we strive to keep our worship welcoming, inviting, and accessible.  Expect to be greeted. Expect to encounter Christ in our midst.  Expect to hear God's word and to feast on God's forgiveness in Holy Communion.

What about kids?

We love kids, and they are welcome in worship.  If they need to step out, we understand.  But, please bring them back.  Kids learn through experience, and we're here to support their faith development.

Where should I park?

Anywhere you like. There are two entrances off of Crooked Oak Dr. If you park in the one closest to Hwy. 17, come through the red doors at the front of the building.  If you park in the lot furthest from Hwy. 17, follow the sign to Sanctuary/Church Office.

What should I wear?

Wear what you like!  We're a coastal congregation.  From "traditional" (whatever that is) church attire to flipflops and shorts -- you're welcome here!