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Three years ago St. Peter's started a weekly worship service on the beach.  In the beauty of God's creation we gather to offer our thanks and praise, as God fills us with Word and Sacrament.  It has been our plan to gather again starting on June 3, 2020.  However COVID-19, and the steps necessary to control its spread, have once again intervened.

Though beaches have reopened, social distancing remains in place, including on the beach.  While it may be possible to distance ourselves enough to comply with the legal requirements, that distancing also poses a challenge to worship.  Spread apart far enough to be safe, makes hearing the service difficult at best. So, it at this time it does not appear as though we will have the opportunity to worship on the beach in the foreseeable future. the legal and practical logistics to make worship meaningful create obstacles not easy to overcome.

If something changes, we will certainly re-evaluate. Thank you for continuing to do your part in controling the spread of COVID-19.