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The Pantry has surpassed all records during the month of October.  A total of 896 bags of groceries were distributed compared to 736 in September.  The Pantry attributes this to inflation.   They had 11 families who visited Baskervill 3 times, which is not surprising.

The number of total individuals visiting the Pantry in October was 1,996 compared to 1,545 in September.

Our friends at Blessing Forward delivered 169 bags and Feed Georgetown delivered 60 bags.

As we approach the holiday season, we must keep in mind those that are still in need of support for their families.   St Peter’s has always been very gracious in remembering those families by giving generously.   Please continue to place your donations in the Pantry Can in the Narthex and we will get your donations over to Holy Cross right away.   THANK YOU CONGREGATION AT ST. PETER’S!!

Frank and Betty Harris   440-384-7182