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Baskervill continues to set records!   In August  400 visits were made to the Pantry and 1,248 individuals were served.   During the month of September, 646 bags were delivered,  420 visits were at the Pantry and 1,261 individuals were served. Of the 646 bags delivered, 50 of those went to Browns Ferry.  Blessing Forward also delivered 176 bags to their clients.   Food is going to those in need in and out of our community. Amazing things are happening there every day.  There are 70 or so volunteers who are at the Pantry serving clients, bagging groceries, recycling boxes, shelving groceries, and caring for the garden (just to name a few of the responsibilities). Your generous donations are needed more than ever due to the high prices of grocery items.  The largest group receiving help from the Pantry is in the age range of 18-59.   St. Peter’s has always stepped up to the plate with donations and participation in the work of the Pantry.   Please continue! You may add your donation to the Pantry can at St. Peter’s or you may send your donations to St. Peter’s with checks made out to Baskervill Pantry.  We will make sure they are delivered to Baskervill.   

  THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN !! Frank and Betty Harris 440-384-7182