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To say that COVID-19 has disrupted "business as usual" would be the understatement of our times.  One of those disruptions has been our ability to conduct the business of St. Peter's in any way that looks or feels familiar. When the pandemic struck we were only about 3 weeks out from our 2020 annual meeting.  When 2021 rolled around, we were unable to meet at all to conduct the business of the congregation.

In order to conduct the business of the congregation in 2022, Council has discerned a way forward that consists of two parts:

Part I

Because of the COVID's disruption to our ability to gather, determining a quorum to elect Council and pass a budget in 2022 has also been disrupted.  Therefore, over a period of 4 Sundays (November 28, December 5, December 12, and December 19) a vote will be taken to lower the threshold for a quorum in order to elect Council and pass a 2022 budget.  This quorum change will ONLY impact Council elections and 2022 budget and cannot be used for any other business.

The procedure will be that Council President will call the meeting to order at the 8:15 service on November 28.  Ballots to change the quorum will be distrubuted at both services; and following the 10:30 service the meeting will be recessed until December 5 where ballots will be distrubuted to anyone not present on November 28.  The same pattern will follow until December 19 where the meeting will be adjourned following the 10:30 service and the votes will be opened and counted.

Part II

On February 20, 2022 the congregation will gather between services to vote on the 2022 budget and hold Council election.