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Added August 11, 2021

Yolanda Palumbo-Daughter of Debbie Shoup 

William Shoup-Spouse of Debbie Shoup 

Denise Kuharich-Sister of Debbie Shoup

Mary Eaton

Leslie Wagner-Sister of Sue Tanner

Added September 1, 2021

Lynn Stephens, Friend of Ursula Conte

Added September 16, 2021

Jeff McCall, son of Sue and Barnie Slice

Sarah and Becky, friends of Pr. Greg and Vanita Martin 

Added September 23, 2021

Doug Anderson, husband of Sallie Anderson

Added September 27, 2021

Nick Kopenkosky, son-in-law of Sherri Miller & Joe Heindlmeyer

Callahan Murphy Hare, great nephew of Tony &Teresa Robinette